Could the masquerade really last in this world?

Imagine this dark world of ours wasn't hidden quite so well: a world of slightly dim, mostly cheap lighting instead of the umbra we are used to.

Everyone knew the bedtime stories and power-fantasies of old; however, the first world war removed any doubt the world had of the supernatural. Some elder saw profit, some mage saw justice. They got involved to serve their countries, and couldn't go back.

They were right to try and hide themselves. Everyone knows that the humans won. The government has careful programs monitoring what they know. The hunters belong to the state now (excluding the extremists who couldn't pretend towards human rights).

The common people remain ignorant of the details, and most splats of each other. They keep their own people in check, knowing their race's reputation is on the line. If the world thinks them dangerous, everything gets harder.

They self-police. What isn't kept proper is taken care of by the (still largely ignorant) state. In a growing age of media and public opinion, reputation is everything.

It's not polite to speak of—whether out of respect for the other races or out of disdain. Mostly, the general public knows a few basic facts:

  • supernaturals exist
  • they might include vampires, werewolves, wizards, fairies, ghosts, gods, or fate
  • the government has deals with the weird ones and control over the scary ones
  • we can ignore them in our day to day life
  • everyone either went to high-school with a wolf-blooded or has a vampire cousin; it's normal, it's fine, and as long as they know their place we'll all get along


Welcome, friends, to the World of Dimness.


World of Dimness